GoodFetch is simplifying the process of shopping for insurance online, so you can spend your time doing something you actually enjoy (like watching season 3 of Stranger Things).

Look...we know you hate wasting your time hunting for websites and filling out tons of forms just to get one quote from a single insurance company.

Simply put: finding the right insurance options online is about to get easier and faster than ever before.

Yes, you could say we’re “shaking things up” a bit

How many times have you been sucked into sites that promise to help you find insurance, but really only harvest your personal info, resulting in tons of annoying sales calls and emails?

Sound familiar?

If that weren’t enough, then you’re told the rates you were shown are actually not even right. The real rate? Well, it’s going to be “much higher.”

Sound even more familiar? That’s frustrating, and we get it.

So, we're creating GoodFetch.com – a quicker, simpler, easier way to shop for insurance online 24/7. And while time warps are pretty cool, you won’t have to jump through hoops to get an appointment between 9a-5p at one of those dusty, old insurance offices.

Our goal is simply this: to make shopping for, and comparing, your insurance options as painless and fast as possible...the way it always should have been.

Seriously. With GoodFetch, it’s just that simple.

PS - We're 100% gimmick-free too. We aren’t secretly owned by some large corporate insurance company trying to fit in, and we won’t be selling any of your info to anyone, ever.

Launching Summer 2018