Millennials are the largest generation on the planet, numbering over 83 million in the U.S. alone.

Over the next 5-10 years, they will be taking over the workforce, inheriting $30+ trillion in generational wealth, and continuing to define how we buy things, the clothes we’ll wear, the food we’ll eat, politics, and everything in-between.

No industry will go unaffected by this tough-to-reach, tech-savvy generation, and insurance is no exception to this rule.

With ever-increasing purchasing power for nearly everything at their fingertips, Millennials deserve the same ease, simplicity, and transparency when it comes to buying auto, renters, and home insurance from the carriers that serve them.

GoodFetch is committed to filling this need in the marketplace, creating an entirely new marketing channel that bridges the growing gap between carriers, agents, and this untapped generation (and generations on the edges too, namely GenX and GenZ).

We’re not an insurance agency…we're a new insureTech startup, a new marketplace. We’re committed to disrupting towards positive change and advancing the ball forward for all.

We’re accomplishing this with a unique business model that helps carriers, agents, and the consumers of the future who are ready to buy today, in a way that caters to their world, their lifestyle, their demands, and how they want to compare and buy insurance, on their schedule.

We are GoodFetch, and we believe that, yes, it really should be that simple.


Launching Summer 2018